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Welcome to the School of Korea!


The School of Korea has three wonderful Korean teachers to teach Korean Level I, II, and III.

Ms. Yi is a second grade teacher and she teaches Level I Korean. 

Ms. Cho teaches third grade and Level II Korean.

Ms. Shin is a fifth grade teacher and teaches Level III Korean.


Marvin Avenue Language Magnet students are presented with an integrated curriculum, which emphasizes on the speaking, listening, writing, and reading expression of a foreign language. 

Korean student learners receive consumable homework workbooks to support classroom instruction.  Students are also exposed to Korean through art, music, culture, dance, and technology to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for our global community. They have first-hand experience in Korean Culture such as traditional Korean drumming and dance lessons, and savoring authentic Korean foods. In addition, our School of Korea brings in a Grand Master to teach our Korean language students Tae Kwon Do once a week for 10 weeks.