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Bonjour! My name is Ms. Jarrett also called Madame Jarrett by all students in the School of France. I have had the unique pleasure of being a teacher in the Marvin Ave. Language Magnet school for 21 years. The School of France is great place for students in grades 1-5 to learn, explore and experience the language and culture of the francophone world.  Students begin the year with an introduction to the many cultures that make up French speaking diaspora. They quickly understand that French is spoken in Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe and Oceana and the unique culture of each country makes French an international language. The opportunity learn French in elementary school offers many benefits to students. Research has show that students who speak more than one language have better cognitive skills and better problem solving abilities. 

Total physical Response (TPR) is the method most effective with language acquisition in early grades. This method allows students to integrate listening skills with kinesthetic movements and avoid French to English translation. Students learn the target language more organically and avoid crossing over into English. 

The School of France has been, since its inception, a "one room school house". Students are multi-aged and abilities. This mixed grade levels is reminiscent of a very large family and students not only learn from each other but serve as models for speaking and interacting. At the end of their elementary course of study, students would have experienced 1-5 years in the Language. Many students continue on to study French in Middle and High schools. 



Students have the option of practicing daily the activities and lessons that are done in class.

One way to make sure that your child is keeping up with French is to use to review and practice. This is a friendly and interactive website for students at all levels. There is more than enough to keep them busy.  



Songs: A La Claire Fontaine


Frere Jacques




Food:   Brioche bread and Nutella


Games: Jacques a dit, Petanque, Saute-mouton



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Discovering French Nouveau!

French Elementary book1 and 2


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