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Hi, I am Ms. Zhou, your child's Chinese teacher. I am very excited to have your child in my language class where the students range from first to fifth grade. In this class, the students have the opportunity to learn Mandarin Chinese and at the same time explore Chinese culture. They will learn the language in various forms which include, but are not limited to, formal instruction, drills, audio, visual aids, technology, projects, and etc. Parents are encouraged in your child's learning process. Please make sure he/she do his/her homework and find opportunities for him/her to be exposed in the target language by searching for TV or computer programs about Chinese language learning and going to local cultural events. I will post the programs I have found beneficial and update cultural events here.



Chinese Made Easy For Kids-Simplified Characters Version (Book1 & 2)

Text Book

Monthly Conversation Topics


Month 1: Greeting

Sentence Structures: How are you? 你好吗?I'm fine. 我很好。Good morning! 早上好!Thank you.谢谢你。You're welcome. 不客气。I'm sorry. 对不起。It's OK. 没关系。

Month 2: Classroom Items

Vocabulary: doors, 门, boards, 黑板,chairs, 椅子,desks, 桌子,pencils, 铅笔,books. 书

Sentence Structures: Open the door, 开门,close the door, 关门,Look at the board, 看黑板,Open the book. 打开书

Month 3: Food

Vocabulary: 汉堡包,hamburger, 热狗,hotdog, 面条,noodles, 披萨,pizza, 面包,bread, 可乐,coke, 水,water, 橘子水,orange juice, 苹果, apples,

Sentence Structures: Ni xihuan chi shenme? Wo xihuan chi________. Ni xihuan he shenme?

Wo xihuan he______________.

Month 4: Jobs

Vocabulary: teacher, 老师 (laoshi),sales person, 店员 (dianyuan), worker, 工人 (gongren),doctor, 医生(yisheng),police,  警察 (jingcha),hospital, 医院 (yiyuan),school, 学校 (xuexiao),store, 商店 (shangdian),library,图书馆 (tushuguan)

Sentence Structures: Ni qu nar? Where are you going? Wo qu_________. I am going____________.  Ni baba/mama zoo shenme? What does your mom/dad do? Ta chi______________. He/she is___________.


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