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Parent Councils


I. School Site Council

  •               A.   This is a decision-making council for programs funded through the Consolidated 
  •                      Application.
  •               B. This council has two major jobs:
    •                  i. Developing, revising and adopting the Single Plan for Student    
    •                         Achievement (SPSA)
    •                 ii. Ensuring that a school meets all federal parental involvement 
    •                         mandates


II. English Learner Advisory Committee


  •  A.  This council is responsible for advising the School Site Council about programs supporting English Language Learners.
  • B.  The job of this council is to:
    •          i. Provide recommendations to the School Site Council
    •         ii. Assist in developing the Language Census
    •        iii. Advise on informing parents about the importance of School
    •               Attendance
    •        iv. Use the Comprehensive Needs assessment to advise on EL 
    •               Programs
    •        v.  meet a minimum of 6 times, not including the election and 
    •               orientation meeting(s)


* Any questions or concerns regarding this information can be directed to:

Mr. Garcia

CPA Advisor

Marvin Ave/ Marvin Language Magnet Elementary School

323 938-3608

[email protected]

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